What if everyone jumped at once?


You did mention this the other day…

Round triangles?

Millau Bridge

I saw this on TV on the weekend.  You might find it as interesting as I did…


Best of The Big Bang Theory

I’m sure you’ve all seen The Big Bang Theory before, and what do you know? It actually has some science in it.  I’ve posted a few of my favourite segments…


“the most important piece of advice, for reasons both unmentionable and easily understood, is to clench your butt”

How to fall 35,00 feet – and survive.

I read this article in the Advertiser a few years ago and was fascinated by it.  Luckily enough, I managed to find the article again on the Popular Mechanics website.

Definitely worth the read….

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How to survive a long fall.

High heels – just in time for formal!

I have spoken to a number of students over the years about how science relates to high heel shoes. So, I was inspired – on this week of the formal – to write a post about high heel shoes. Although it is more about physics than chemistry, I think that you will all find it interesting – even the boys!

I found this video by The Science Babe Dr Debbie Berebichez:

Did you know that a 110lb. woman wearing stiletto high heel shoes puts a lot more pressure on the ground than a 6,000lb elephant? Learn what high heel shoes have to do with the laws of physics that XVIIth Century physicist Isaac Newton derived. Also, what makes one high-heel shoe more comfortable than another? Is a thicker heel always better than a thinner one for high-heel shoes? How close approximately should the heel be placed away from your toes? What gives a woman the best support and dynamic leverage in her walking style? Why are some surfaces better than others for walking on a high-heel? Does leather always stretch? And are some materials better for constructing a supportive heel? We will talk about the best ways to choose a high-heel shoe and the mechanics of walking and supporting your body in a safe and stylish fashion.

 It’s worth the look, so make sure you check it out!


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