The Periodic Table of Elements according to relative abundance


This Periodic Table is definitely worth a look for all aspiring artists…

The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) is the voice of chemistry in Australia.
It advocates the importance of chemistry to the public and all levels of education, industry and government.
To celebrate the International Year of Chemistry in 2011, 79 chemists and 38 Tasmanian printmakers have joined in researching and then representing aspects of  three randomly allotted elements from the 2010 official IUPAC Periodic Table of 112 elements. Chemists prepared background information to assist the artists in their interpretation of each element.

An interactive version on this Periodic Table can be found here.

Our favourite chemistry professor visited the Periodic Table on his trip to Australia last year.  You can check out his thoughts in the video…

Development of the Periodic Table

Last lesson we looked at the arrangement of the Periodic Table.  Professor Martyn Poliakoff discusses his first Periodic Table which is a little different to the one we use today…

Periodic table of the desserts. Yum.

Periodic table rap.

I have posted a few videos from the team at Periodic Table of Videos in the past. Here’s another one…

Ever wondered what to get a chemist for their birthday?

…. the world’s smallest periodic table should do the trick apparently.

Periodic table birthday cake?

A periodic table made entirely out of cupcakes.

Interactive periodic table.

I thought it might be nice to share with you some links to some interactive periodic tables.  I’ve searched high and low, and the best ones are listed below:


Includes links to Wikipedia, photos, videos, properties, diagrammatic representations of electron configurations, and more.


Lots of useful information including interesting facts, properties and videos.


A really nice format to show orbitals, element types, electronegativity, melting points and more.

American Chemical Society

Has a really handy feature which enables you to plot various features such as molar mass, boiling point and electronegativity.

Photographic periodic table

This one is bound to be a favourite, with photographic representations of the elements – just like the poster we have in the lab!

Proton Don

A periodic table game – choose your own difficulty level.

Periodic table of comic books

For something a little bit different, check this out.


This site has links to many more interactive periodic tables.  Feel free to explore to your heart’s content.

1st car: Put your request in now!

Yes, that’s right – I know you all secretly want one of these cars!

Check out this website for some more quirky periodic tables.  Think shower curtains, cakes and jewellery to name a few.


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