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2012 National Swimming Championships in Adelaide!

The 2012 National Swimming Championships were held in Adelaide last week.  They were also used as selection for the 2012 London Olympic games.  I was lucky enough to have tickets to the Wednesday night finals, and even luckier to see some of the athletes up close…

Eamon Sullivan was kind enough to stop for a photo, even though he was on his way in to warm up for his 50m freestyle final (of which he ended up coming 2nd behind James Magnussen). This earned him a spot on the Olympic team in an individual event. Yay Eamon! Perhaps I was his lucky charm…? 🙂

We also had seats behind Megan Nay’s family.  Because we all did such a great job of cheering for Eamon in the 50m freestyle, they asked us to help cheer for Megan in the 200m backstroke. And cheer we did…..

She finished 2nd behind Belinda Hocking, also earning her an individual berth on the Australian Olympic team. After her swim she came up into the stands to show her medal to her family. And snap! Another photo 🙂

It was a really great night, and I would recommend getting your hands on some tickets the next time the swimming is in Adelaide!

You can find the full Australian Olympic Swimming team listed here, as well as some other details about the swimming at the Olympics.  Can’t wait!


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