Ooohhh, nearly there…

Wishing you all the best…

(almost there!)

Mrs Elliott


Good luck year 11’s


In honor of your exam tomorrow, I found some amusing exam responses that might make you laugh…






All the best! Happy studying…

Mrs Elliott

Good luck Year 12’s!!!

Dear Year 12’s

Wishing you the best of luck for your chemistry exam tomorrow! I’m so sorry that I couldn’t be around….

Last minute reminders:

  • read the question carefully
  • don’t restate the question in your answer (a bit of a waste of time)

I’ll see you all next Thursday for graduation when it’s all over.  Not long now.

Best of luck!!!!!!

Study hard!!!

Mrs Elliott

It’s almost here…

Good luck while I’m away…!

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Farewell and best wishes (but not for long).  Be good and continue with your studies while I am away.  Before you know it I’ll be back to check what you have been up to!


Mrs Elliott

Good luck year 12’s!

Dear Year 12’s

All the best for your exam tomorrow.  Try not to stress too much.
I hope that all of your revision pays off!

Mrs Elliott


PS. All the best Dylan while you are not at your exam! We’ll see you upon your return.



Good luck year 11’s!


Dear Year 11’s

All the best with your chemistry exam tomorrow. Study hard, but at some stage, don’t forget to take a break, bake a cake!

Mrs Elliott


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