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3.3 Electrochemistry

We got most of the way through this subtopic and I asked you to go through the remainder for homework.  I thought the electrolysis section might be worthy of a post, as we didn’t look into it in great detail. So here goes…….

Key Ideas from the Subject Outline:

Electrochemical cells are conveniently divided into galvanic cells, which produce electrical energy from spontaneous redox reactions, and electrolytic cells, which use electrical energy from an external source to cause a non-spontaneous chemical reaction.

Galvanic and electrolytic cells involve oxidation at the anode and reduction at the cathode, with electrons being transferred from one electrode to the other through an external circuit.

Electrolytic cells are used in the production of active metals.

In electrolytic cells an external source of energy is used to bring about a non-spontaneous redox reaction.


To summarise what happens:

  • The power source pumps electrons through the external circuit…

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