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2.1 Volumetric analysis

It really is best that you attempt as many problems as possible to revise for this subtopic.  It is also worthwhile revising (and perhaps memorising if necessary) how to convert between different conversion units.

Some points to remember:

  • don’t forget to convert mL to L
  • write the correct number of significant figures  for your responses (see below for more information) but ensure that you keep the unrounded number in your calculator for the whole question.
  • C1V1 = C2V2 can be useful

Volumetric pipette
(note the use of the word VOLUMETRIC – it is important)

  • designed to deliver a fixed volume of liquid accurately.
  • washed with distilled water, allowed to drain and rinsed with solution to be pipetted before use.  This will ensure that the concentration of the solution to be pipetted is not diluted by the distilled water.
  • use a pipette filler to fill above the calibration mark.
  • allow solution…

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