Tips for answering exam style questions…

I’m in the middle of marking your weekly assignments and thought I could put some general feedback up for you now…

Read the question very carefully and make sure you provide exactly what is asked for. For example,

  • if the question asks for you to “relate your answer to the position of the element on the periodic table”, then make sure your write something about its position on the periodic table…
  • if you are asked to state the formula, only give the formula.  You will not be rewarded for extra information.  In fact, if the extra information given is incorrect, you will be penalised (even if what you were asked to give was actually correct).
  • if you are asked to give the order of something, for example “most acidic to most basic”, make sure you start with the most acidic and end with the most basic.
  • if you are asked to give a balanced equation, make sure you balance it! You will usually get one mark for giving the correct equation then another mark for balancing correctly.

When creating tables you must include:

  • a title (effect of independent variable on dependent variable).
  • the dependent variable in the first column.
  • column headings (that include the units).
  • use appropriate significant figures.
When creating graphs you must include:
  • an informative title.
  • the independent variable on the x-axis (including units).
  • the dependent variable on the y-axis (including units).
  • data included as points NOT joined by a line.
  • a line of best fit (straight line or curve) with plotted points evenly distributed above and below the line.
  • origin should be shown on both axes (can use broken axes to make better use of scale).
  • scale chosen should include equal intervals, cover all data points and make best use of the available space.

You will have time limits when answering problems under test conditions.  There is no need to restate the question in your answer.  Succinct answers are best, and dot points are permitted (except in extended response questions).


And the link to the video that I couldn’t get to work today:

(sorry, cant seem to embed the videos from this site)


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