Acids and bases.

So, test revision.

I thought that rather than spending a bunch of time writing about acids and bases, I could just show you some videos instead!

So the first one is in two parts below, and covers strong and weak acids and bases.  We spoke about acetic acid in class being a weak acid. I wrote it as CH3COOH which is another way of writing it they way that they do in the video…

And concentrated and dilute acids and bases are covered in this video.  If you’re running short of time, perhaps just tune in from 4.40 (for recap of strong/weak acids/bases) or 8 minutes for the concentrated dilute part.

Need revision on conjugate acid-base pairs? A few examples are covered in this video…

But onto AMPHIPROTIC substances.  I was unable to find a video that suitable described this one, so it’s back to the reading and writing.

An amphiprotic substance is a substance which can act both as an acid and as a base, because it contains at least one proton which can be given up and at least one site at which a proton can be acquired.

Some equations would be best to describe this:

Water is an amphiprotic molecule:

Water as an acid: H2O –>  H+ + OH or more fully H2O +H2O –>  H3O+ + OH
Water as a base: H+ + H2O –>  H3O+ or more fully H3O++H2O  –> H2O + H3O+

The hydrogen carbonate (bicarbonate) ion is an amphiprotic ion:

As an acid  HCO3+H2O –>  H3O+ + CO32-
As a base H+ + HCO3  –> H2CO3

And the last thing that I will cover now for acids and bases – some general reaction types.

Rather than retyping it here, I suggest you visit this BBC website.  You can read all about it there. This is only one page of their acids and bases topic.  You can flick through the other pages (7 in total) for some extra revision, and also complete an activity and a test.

Happy revising.  I’ll see if I can add some more revision material for you tomorrow….

Mrs Elliott


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