Professor Martyn Poliakoff was in Adelaide…

I had no idea until I read about it in the Advertiser yesterday, and was too sick to go down and see him last night 😦  I have posted a number of Professor Martyn’s videos on this blog. If you want to hear more from Professor Martyn and the team at University of Nottingham, you can subscribe to the youtube video channel the Periodic Table of Videos. You can also keep in touch via their website, twitter, facebook or their blog.

British cult scientist Martyn Poliakoff visits Adelaide

Martyn Poliakoff

Video journalist Brady Haran films Professor Martyn Poliakoff at Adelaide University. Picture: Brenton Edwards Source: AdelaideNow

BRITAIN’S “green” professor and worldwide science video cult hero is visiting Adelaide.

Professor Martyn Poliakoff, from the University of Nottingham in England, is passionate about finding a cleaner way to make chemicals and is touring to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry.

His final lecture at the University of Adelaide tonight reveals a successful YouTube venture with former Advertiser journalist Brady Haran, now a video journalist in the UK.

Professor Poliakoff is recognised globally for his role as narrator of a successful chemistry series The Periodic Table of Videos, shot and produced by Haran. That has been viewed by more than 20 million people on YouTube.

Haran said the videos, which have made Professor Poliakoff a star, have been viewed in more than 200 countries. “Teachers find them useful as they deal with chemistry and science but in an irreverent and fun way,” he said.


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