Yay for Etsy!

Etsy.com is one of my favourite places for online shopping.  Or any shopping.  You can find great gift ideas and it’s all either handmade or vintage.  Definitely worth checking out.

But there are a number of science inspired bits and pieces.  I’ve listed a few below (just click on the picture and it will take you to the store), but I’m sure you could find a whole bunch of your own.

Covalent Bond SHARING IS CARING Pinback Button

Lab Coat Bling

Science Beaker and Flask Necklace - one of each

know your glassware magnet set

endorphin choker necklace

Mrs. Methane

Avogadro's Number - Copper and Brass Unisex Necklace

Their Chemistry

Alcohol Molecular Formula Keychain


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